Registration Form

Please read the information below before completing the Registration Form

1) After completing the Registration Form you will receive two messages:

  • Order Confirmation sent by the registration system 
    (to be received at the time of registration)
  • Payment Request sent by DingDong
    (to be received within two working days) *  -  please do NOT make a payment without Payment Request.

2) Since the class status is not always real time we recommend choosing a 2nd Choice Class as well. For a 3rd and 4th Choice please add another class. The more options you indicate, the more chances to get a place of choice.

3) Each child that will attend class needs to be registered, including newborns

4) It is possible to register for a class that is full - you will automatically be waitlisted. 

5) For late registrations please click here.

* For preregistration: by the start of registration.