Get prepared for your next class. The better you know the songs, the more fun we have. And now that we're closed due to the situation with COVID-19, it's even more important to make music at home. Every day!
Please find the weekly songlists below. Music ideas as well as additional information will be sent by e-mail.


Music Together Songlist  week 30 March - 4 April

  1. Hello Song
  2. Mary Wore a Red Dress
  3. Ridin' in the Car
  4. The Tailor and the Mouse  
  5. Stick Tune     
  6. Jack-in-the-Box
  7. Don Alfredo baila
  8. The Love Song of Kangding
  9. Balaton  (Free Movement)   
  10. Me Som Gojo Chavoro   (Play-Along)
  11. May All Children  (Lullaby)
  12. Goodbye, So Long, Farewell


Kodaly Songlist  week 30 March - 4 April

  1. Hello Song 
  2. Touch Your Shoulders
  3. Major Scale and Handsigns   
  4. Balaton  (Free Movement)
  5. Rhythms
  6. Kodaly Handsigns Song
  7. Clapping Game
  8. Kye Kye Kule         
  9. Me Som Gojo Chavoro  (Play-Along)
  10. Goodbye, So Long, Farewell